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Your Dentist in Harrisonburg has Restorative Dentistry for Your Smile

May 8, 2017

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See the dentist in Harrisonburg for restorative dental care. No matter whether you have a tooth that needs to be repaired, rebuilt or replaced, the dentist in Harrisonburg at Blue Stone Hills Dentistry has the restorative treatment that your smile needs. Dr. Curtin and Dr. Janowski offer these treatments so that you can always have a smile that looks attractive and is functionally sound. Read on to learn about three treatments that may be just what you need.


Your Dentist in Harrisonburg Tries to Save Your Teeth

April 20, 2017

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Your dentist in Harrisonburg uses CEREC crowns to restore damaged teeth. You’ve loved playing hockey since you were a child. Even though there’s always been a risk of being injured, you never imagined severely cracking a tooth on the ice. With the increasing pain, you can’t help but wonder if you’re going to have to have your jagged tooth pulled. The thought of extracting one of your natural, permanent teeth is scary—but little do you know, that tooth extraction could save the rest of your smile from painful decay and infection. Your dentist in Harrisonburg wants you to know what to do if you’re facing a possible tooth extraction and the ways we can help you save your natural teeth.


Get Sedation Dentistry from your Dentist in Harrisonburg

March 5, 2017

How can your dentist in Harrisonburg make your next appointment more relaxed?Would you consider yourself a dental patient that avoids going to the dentist? You’ve thinned out your visits so much that it’s hard to remember the last time you had your teeth and gums professionally cleaned. This can be detrimental to your oral health care! It’s important to visit your dentist regularly to not only receive the dental care you need but to also spot and address any dental issues present. Luckily, your dentist in Harrisonburg offers sedation services that help our local patients undergo the dental treatments your teeth and gums need to stay healthy. Blue Stone Dentistry uses nitrous oxide to subside each nervous patient’s anxiety and make every appointment comfortable.


Your Emergency Dentist in Harrisonburg Talks Teeth

February 27, 2017

Your emergency dentist in Harrisonburg talks teeth.When you experience a dental emergency, you can bet it won’t be at a convenient time. It may also feel frightening and even overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what to do. The first thing to do is to remain calm, and the next is contact your trusted team at Blue Stone Hills Dentistry because when you have the right team on your side, you know everything will turn out fine. Here are some tips on what to do from your emergency dentist in Harrisonburg.


Cosmetic Dentists in Harrisonburg Offer Quick Aesthetics

December 23, 2016

Your cosmetic dentist in Harrisonburg can refresh your smile quickly. Learn about whitening, veneers, Invisalign and more from Blue Stone Hills Dentistry.

You want to change the appearance of your smile, but you wonder how you can fit lengthy and frequent dental visits into your busy life. Your cosmetic dentists at Blue Stone Hills Dentistry in Harrisonburg tell patients that enhancing their teeth and gums can be easier and faster than they thought possible. Drs. Gardner, Curtin and Janowski invite you to investigate the superior aesthetic services they deliver through customized cosmetic dentistry consultations.


Kor Teeth Whitening in Harrisonburg

November 23, 2016

Teeth whitening brightens stained enamel safely. Blue Stone Hills Dentistry in Harrisonburg offers Kor Whitening for predictably dramatic results.

Today’s cosmetic dentist has a wide array of services to improve the appearance of smiles with chips, cracks, stains and crookedness. Drs. David Curtin, Sarah Janowski and Steven Gardner from Blue Stone Hills Dentistry offer professional teeth whitening in Harrisonburg as one way to dramatically enhance smile aesthetics and boost patients’ self-confidence.


The Benefits of Invisalign in Harrisonburg

October 20, 2016

Straighter Teeth and You You might be asking yourself if you really need straighter teeth. You’ve made it to this point in your life with them, so why change? Sure, you’d feel better if they were straighter, but do you really need to undergo a procedure for them? Straighter teeth have a number of benefits beyond drastically improving your appearance. Teeth that are misaligned and stick out tend to fracture more often than properly aligned teeth. This is because they are more exposed when you eat and go about your day, leaving them vulnerable. Straighter teeth are also easier to clean because you can reach all of their surfaces. Crowded teeth many times have parts that are difficult to brush and floss, and this can lead to the buildup of plaque and bacteria that can cause tooth decay. This can also lead to gum disease, which is one of the leading causes of tooth loss among adults. Straighter teeth can not only give you a better looking smile, but a healthier one as well. How Can Invisalign Help? Rather than using a system of brackets and wires, Invisalign straightens your teeth using a series of clear plastic aligner trays. These trays are worn in a specific sequence to guide your teeth at every stage of your treatment. They have a number of advantages over traditional braces: •	They are nearly invisible when worn •	They are removable •	They are more comfortable •	They straighten teeth faster •	Requires less visits to the dentist The clear plastic ensures only you will know that you are wearing the trays, preserving the image you’ve worked hard to create. They simply slip on and off of your teeth, and this allows you to eat normally as well as help you keep them clean. The smooth plastic also tends to be gentler on the surrounding gums and lip tissue than traditional braces. Metal braces usually take 12-24 months to straighten your teeth while Invisalign typically takes 8-18 months. Once you’ve started Invisalign, you only need to come into the office every 6 weeks so that your progress can be monitored.  How Can I Get Invisalign? The first step to straighter teeth involves coming to see us at Blue Stone Hills Dentistry. This gives Dr. Curtin, Dr. Janowski, or Dr. Gardener a chance to look at your smile and see if Invisalign is right for you. Straighter teeth can give you a more beautiful and healthy smile, so don’t hesitate to come see us today. This is amazing. This has clearly never happened before over the course of human history. You’re so happy you could be alive in this moment to experience it. You’re enjoying yourself at Grilled Cheese Mania and you’ve managed to stretch the cheese from your sandwich the entire length of your arm. You’ve been eating here for years and this has never happened. You and your friends are laughing as the cheese hangs from your mouth, and then you hear a camera go off. Your mind instantly leaves the moment because now all you can think about is your teeth. You’ve always been self-conscious about how crooked they are, but you don’t want to be an adult with braces. Your weekly grilled cheeses would be a hassle with them. However, you can now get the orthodontic care you need with Invisalign in Harrisonburg from Blue Stone Hills Dentistry. (more…)