Welcome to Blue Stone Hills Dentistry!

We’re excited for you to visit our office. We know you’ll have an exemplary experience, and we’ll do everything we can to ease the way.

What to Expect

New patients to our practice normally have a dual appointment with the hygienist and dentist, unless they’re dealing with a dental emergency. Prior to your appointment, we’ll have you complete some paperwork which details your past dental and medical history, your contact information, and your insurance information. We can give you the paperwork at your appointment or you’re welcome to complete it online or print it at home and bring it with you to your appointment.

At your first appointment, you’ll need a form of personal identification as well as your dental insurance card, if you have one.

Once we’ve gathered your information, one of our hygienists will take you back to our clinical rooms and begin your appointment. Normal new patient appointments begin with a set of X-rays (the number of X-rays is determined by the doctors based on your age and dental history). If you have recent X-rays from another office, we can sometimes use them instead taking new ones. We do that to prevent any excess radiation exposure and also save you money. We have a comprehensive modern X-ray protocol intended to minimize radiation to our patients. If you have any questions or concerns about the number of X-rays we are taking, please feel free ask to discuss that with one of our doctors. We are happy to explain the purpose of each X-ray and consider your individual input in our decisions.

Our hygienists will also complete full periodontal charting to check the health and stability of your gums and the supporting bone around your teeth, record any existing dental work you’ve had, take intra-oral pictures using our state-of-the-art digital dental camera, and give you a thorough but gentle cleaning. You will then meet with Dr. Curtin or Dr. Janowski who will complete a comprehensive exam, diagnose any dental issues, and talk with you about any goals you have for your smile. Our dental exams include:

  • A complete periodontal assessment
  • Oral cancer and pathology screening
  • TMJ/bruxism evaluation
  • Aesthetic evaluation of your current smile
  • Screening for fractures, failed restorations, and cavities

We pride ourselves on providing a new patient exam that is thorough, never rushed, and catered to your needs and concerns.

New Pediatric Patients

We know a first visit to the dentist is a really important event, for both you and your child. Our office is specially designed to make this first visit just what it should be: a fun and stress-free experience where you both get a chance to see our office and get to know us at your own pace. For most pediatric patients, we recommend a visit once their first teeth begin erupting at 6 months to 2 years of age.

Child Brushing Teeth 2 1 Blue Stone Hills Dentistry

Like an adult visit, we’ll request you complete paperwork for your child at the start of their appointment to detail their dental history, health, and personal/insurance information. Completing the paperwork ahead of time and submitting it online will make your appointment move more quickly.

Our waiting room has been specially designed to make your little one comfortable. Some of our kid-friendly amenities include:

  • Kindle tablets with age-appropriate games and learning apps
  • A chalkboard with mess-free chalk pens
  • A library of children’s books
  • Extra-comfy, kid-friendly seating
  • A treasure chest and coin-free toy machine to finish the visit

Our hygienists and dentists have collectively seen and treated hundreds of happy kids and are up-to-date on the latest pediatric dental care research and techniques to make visits go smoothly. When your child is invited back to receive their first check-up and cleaning, you can be assured they will be treated with tenderness and care. Parents are welcome to accompany their child for every part of the visit. We’ll never force treatment or rush visits. Their dental cleaning and check-up will be done at their pace and with their comfort and curiosity at the forefront. We’ll place a focus on making their next dental appointment one they will anticipate with excitement.

Depending on your child’s age we may take a set of X-rays (normally only two X-rays beginning at age 4-6 and panoramic X-ray to check their development). Our hygienists will clean your child’s teeth using a “tell-show-do” method where your child will be invited to familiarize themselves with our dental instruments before we use them. This helps alleviate anxiety and gives your child a sense of control at their appointment.

After your child’s dental cleaning, our dentists will introduce themselves and perform a thorough examination. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you or your child may have about their dental care and review steps to improve dental care at home. Our visits normally conclude with fluoride application and a goody bag with dental treats as a a visit to the treasure chest!