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Invisalign™ Orthodontics

Our dental practice in Harrisonburg, VA, takes tremendous pride in helping our patients achieve the smile of their dreams. Many times this can involve repair of fractured teeth or cavities, veneers, or full-mouth rehab to optimize the alignment and function of patient's teeth.

Additionally, Invisalign is one exciting and well-studied tool that Dr. Janowski uses to help patient's optimize the esthetics of their smile. It is a system of clear aligners that uses similar physics to that traditional wire and bracket orthodontics to change a patient's dental alignment and bite. 

How does Invisalign™ work?

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Invisalign™ is a system that relies on a sequential set of clear aligners to change the alignment of a patient's smile. Essentially, following a phase of treatment planning with Dr. Janowski, patients are fitted for a set of aligners that will incrementally shift their teeth over time. Every two weeks, patients change out their aligner for one that is slightly different. This allows teeth to move gradually over time and with the correct treatment planning, achieve a straight and functional smile. In order for Invisalign™ treatment to end in an ideal outcome, patients are encouraged to wear their aligners for a full 22 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means for most patients only taking their aligners out for eating, drinking, and brushing/flossing of their teeth. Patients may drink cool water with their aligners in, but hot beverages require aligner removal. 

How long does Invisalign™ treatment take?


That depends! How long your treatment takes can vary depending on your original starting point with your dental alignment. Cases with severe crowding, spacing, or more serious issues related to bite tend to take longer. Most of the cases treated at our office finish at around a year's time. At the beginning of treatment, patient's are given a rough estimate of when their case will be completed although, sometimes cases may finish more quickly or take longer depending on how the teeth respond to clear aligner therapy. 

Dentist discussing Invisalign treatment

What is the Invisalign™ treatment process like?


Patient's wishing to pursue Invisalign™ treatment in Harrisonburg VA first meet with Dr. Janowski for a consultation. At this visit, we will discuss your goals and concerns regarding your current smile. We also perform a thorough exam to make sure that there aren't any underlying dental issues that would disrupt Invisalign™ treatment or make you a poor candidate for clear aligner therapy.


At this visit we also take impressions and/or digital scans, records measurements, and take pictures so Dr. Janowski can work with Invisalign™ to make a digital map of your treatment plan. This outline we then review in depth with you prior to initiating treatment so you have a clear understanding for what to expect during the course of your care. 

At the first visit of active Invisalign™ treatment, we will check to make sure your aligners fit you perfectly. We will also attach buttons, or small pieces of composite filling material, on certain teeth that assist with the movement and rotation of your teeth into their correct alignment. These buttons are matched to your tooth shade exactly and for most people are not noticeable during their daily interactions.  Dr. Janowski may also perform IPR (or interproximal reduction) which is a very precise process of enamel removal normally done in between the teeth to create additional room for the movement of your teeth and alleviate crowding or space issues. 

After these procedures you will be two additional aligners to carry you through 6 weeks of Invisalign™ treatment. Most Invisalign™ patients meet with Dr. Janowski every 6 weeks to evaluate their progress and address any issues as they arise. Most of these visits are relatively quick and easy, although on rare occasion sometimes additional measurements, impressions, and pictures are taken to perfect your treatment. At the end of your Invisalign™ treatment, once your dental alignment is correct and both you and Dr. Janowski are happy with your outcome, our office will fit you for nighttime retainers to help insure that your teeth stay in the correct position for the rest of your life. 

Does Invisalign™ hurt? 


Dr. Janowski is very conscientious during Invisalign™ treatment to make the process as smooth and easy for our patients. Most orthodontics, including clear aligner therapy, involves some discomfort, particularly at the very beginning of aligner wear. This discomfort comes in part from the inflammation of the PDL (or periodontal ligament) which is the elastic tissue that surrounds the sockets of your teeth. As this ligament is stretched or pulled, it can create soreness which is a natural and unavoidable process in most orthodontic treatment. 

However, there are things you can do to minimize this discomfort. Tips we recommend for our patients are: 

  • use of OTC pain relievers during the first week of aligner therapy. We normally recommend use of Tylenol or very short term NSAIDs to help minimize  pain during the first few days of treatment.

  • softer diet during the first 48 hours of aligner wear but with normal chewing to encourage the movement of your teeth 

  • eating cold foods or cold compress use

  • wearing aligners for a full 22 hours a day and not skipping aligners or shortening the 2 week aligner cycle 

Why choose Blue Stone Hills Dentistry for my Invisalign™ treatment?


Dr. Janowski is truly passionate about cosmetic dentistry and completes all the  Invisalign™ cases at our practice. She has attended multiple continuing education courses in Invisalign™ therapy, occlusion, and cosmetic dentistry and has had wonderful outcomes with her patients completing clear aligner therapy.

She also herself was an Invisalign™ patient herself 10 years ago under Dr. Curtin's care and understands the concerns and fears that Invisalign™ patients have prior to beginning treatment. 

"I had a lot of orthodontics completed as a child. Unfortunately, like many patients I see in my practice, around my college years, despite my best efforts with the retainer I had, I noticed some shifting of my lower teeth. This shifting grew worse over time and as a dentist I became particularly self conscious about the appearance of my teeth.


'I thought that undergoing Invisalign™ therapy myself would give me fresh insight into the experience that my patients were having, and I know it's made me a better Invisalign™ provider. I'm in a unique position to speak openly and honestly with patients about what they can expect during treatment and techniques and tricks I used to make treatment easier. Suffice it to say I was thrilled with my outcome, and get genuinely excited when a new patient begins treatment with me. It's one of the most rewarding things I get to do as a dentist, to truly change a person's self-confidence, and our patients have been absolutely thrilled with their new new smiles!"

Other benefits for patients completing Invisalign™ at our practice are: 

  • very competitive pricing 

  • patient-centered care with hands-on supervision of Dr. Janowski during the entirety of your care

  • free retainers at treatment end for the rest of your life



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