Periodontal disease, injury, and tooth decay can all cause a loss of your natural teeth. However, we can bring back the smile on your face with dentures to restore your missing teeth. With improved technology and updated materials, dentists can now make dentures appear more natural and feel more comfortable than ever before!

Wisdom Teeth ExtractionsDealing with tooth loss can be difficult. Fortunately, dentures are a time-tested restorative dentistry solution for replacing lost teeth, and there are multiple options available at Blue Stone Hills Dentistry that can be tailored to your individual need.

Dentures come in two main varieties, fixed and removable. Continue reading below to learn how fixed or removable dentures can provide the best fit for you!

Removable Dentures

Removable dentures are made of a gum-colored base and prosthetic teeth, which fit over the remaining bone ridge that formerly held your natural teeth. These dentures are, of course, removable, and your restorative dentist will fit you with one of two removable denture types.

Partial Dentures

If you’re missing just a few teeth on either side of your jaw, you will be fitted with partial dentures. Some partial dentures are transitional, and they serve as a temporary replacement for teeth following an extraction, or if you are preparing for dental implants. Once you’re ready to move on to something more permanent, you will be fitted for dentures that are customized to your mouth. These are well-constructed and metal-based, and you’ll be able to use them for quite a while.

Complete Dentures

If you’ve lost your full set of teeth then complete dentures are the way to go. Complete dentures can look and function just like your natural teeth. Here the upper denture is like a plate that covers the roof of your mouth. Meanwhile a set of lower dentures is horseshoe-shaped and rests on your gums. Down the line, your dentures can be crafted to accurately look and feel like your full set of natural teeth. These dentures are last a long time, too.

In Sum:

  • Complete dentures cover your entire jaw.
  • Partial dentures replace multiple missing teeth and rest on the remaining natural teeth with their metal framework.

Fixed Dentures

While removable dentures are a great functional and economic solution, fixed dentures (or implant-supported dentures) may work and feel more like your own natural teeth. Along with providing support for your lips and cheeks, fixed dentures should last for a lifetime and help with bone health. In contrast, removable dentures may be prone to slippage and require use of denture adhesives and creams. They may also require replacement or refinement in the future.

In Relation to Dental Implants

Dental implants essentially serve the same purpose as the roots of teeth, anchoring replacements to your jawbone. The titanium implants are very stable, reliable, and out-of-sight underneath your gum line. Your restorative dentist will determine how many implants you’ll need for your dentures. This is dependent on the density and volume of bone in your jaw. The surgery for placing implants is a routine procedure that is often carried out under local anesthesia. Following the surgery, your dentist will provide temporary replacement teeth until your permanent retainer can be installed.

Get Fitted

It may take some time to adjust to your dentures—speaking and eating may feel differently at first—but these activities will resume normally once you are accustomed to your dentures. And rest assured that no matter which type of dentures you choose, this restorative dentistry treatment can help you strengthen your abilities for talking, eating, and even smiling. Contact us at our Harrisonburg dentistry to schedule an appointment for a consultation and dentures fitting today!

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