CEREC One-Visit Dental Crowns & Restorations

CEREC One-Visit Dental Crowns & RestorationsHave you ever wanted to fix that painful broken or decayed tooth in a single visit to your dentist? Now you can at your restorative dentistry in Harrisonburg, VA! Blue Stone Hills Dentistry offers CEREC one-visit dental crowns and restorations that will relieve your tooth pain and give you a beautiful, new smile in only one appointment! Your expert dentists Dr. David Curtin and Dr. Sarah Janowski have harnessed the latest CEREC technology to restore your problem tooth to its natural strength and beauty right in their comfortable Harrisonburg office! Our dentists can provide every type of dental service without having to refer you to other specialists. This flexibility saves you time and keeps your total dental care within one practice.

What is CEREC?

Blue Stone Hills Dentistry is pleased to offer the CEREC system to all of our Harrisonburg, VA, patients. This impressive system allows our dentists to build crowns and fillings for decayed, broken, or chipped teeth in the same visit. The system includes the ability to create 3D scans of your teeth, eliminating the need for uncomfortable impression trays. CEREC can also quickly and effectively design and produce a high-quality dental crown, bridge, or implant. With this feature, you won’t have to replace a temporary fix for the final one during a second appointment.

How Does CEREC Provide One-Visit Dental Crowns?

  • STEP 1: Digital Scans
    CEREC cameras create digital scans of your mouth and teeth to provide 3D images perfect for guiding the creation of the restorative dentistry treatment that you need.
  • STEP 2: Accurate Designs
    With CEREC scans, the system uses computer-aided design (CAD) software to formulate an individualized treatment plan with the exact prosthesis needed to restore your beautiful smile, saving you time. Using tooth-colored ceramic material, your crown or tooth replacement is made to match your teeth as closely as possible.
  • STEP 3: Creating with Milling & Grinding
    The system integrates its unique milling unit with the design software for a seamless and precise process for forming the missing piece of your beautiful smile. Our dentists can make sure that the new dental crown is a perfect fit, make any changes necessary, and then cement it permanently in place before you leave our Harrisburg, VA, office.

Why Choose a Restorative Dentistry with CEREC?

CEREC holds several advantages over conventional restorative dentistry systems, including:

  • Your restoration is started and completed during the same appointment – no wait times, no temporary crowns, no return visits!
  • Less need for local anesthetic and fewer shots.
  • All CEREC restorations are made from natural-looking, tooth-colored porcelain material that is metal-free, very bio-compatible, and plaque-resistant.
  • In many cases, healthier tooth structure can be saved, since the restoration may be used in place of a full crown.

Choose the Best Dentist in Harrisburg, VA, for Restorative Dentistry!

Find out more about how our CEREC 3-D technology can create faster and more accurate restorative dentistry for you and your family. Our dentists and dental team members are skilled in its use and meet the highest standards for all of our patients. The CEREC system has revolutionized the dental field by serving the needs of our patients in a more convenient manner. With CEREC technology, we can design, fabricate, and place a ceramic restoration in just one visit! Find out more by calling (540) 433-3625 to schedule an appointment in our conveniently located Harrisburg, VA, office. We look forward to helping you restore your smile to its original beauty. Call us today!

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