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Our Team Protects Your Smile with Harrisonburg Preventive Dentistry

Prevention is a crucial cornerstone of quality dental care – after all, it’s much easier to stop problems before they’ve even gotten the chance to start. Dr. David Curtin and Dr. Sarah Janowski, and the rest of our staff are fully committed to working with patients of all ages in the pursuit of lasting oral health, and our preventive services are designed to keep your smile safe and help you avoid potential damage and cost down the road. Contact Blue Stone Hills Dentistry today if you have any questions, or if you’re ready to schedule your first appointment at our Harrisonburg, VA practice.

Dental Check-ups & Cleanings

little girl in dental chairBefore our doctors are able to recommend the right services for you and your loved ones, we’ll first need to form a comprehensive understanding of your oral health needs. This is accomplished with routine appointments at Blue Stone Hills Dentistry that consist of a diagnostic evaluation and a refreshing hygiene appointment. Our team will capture X-rays and closely inspect each tooth, the gums, the bite, the jaw, existing restorations, and more. We’ll also perform oral cancer and periodontal evaluations. Finally, our excellent hygienists will thoroughly remove plaque and dangerous bacteria from the mouth, leaving your smile refreshed and nicely polished.

We recommend that patients schedule these visits every six months, or twice each year. Those who struggle with periodontal disease or an oversensitivity to tooth decay may need more frequent appointments to better maintain their oral health.

Nightguards for TMJ/Bruxism Therapy

Do you suffer from constant headaches, persistent facial and jaw pain, or teeth that seem worn down and damaged for no known reason? These are common indicators of bruxism (teeth grinding), a widespread condition among stressed-out adults that tends to occur at night when the patient is sleeping. If left untreated, bruxism can cause severe dental damage and even the development of the painful TMJ disorder over time; that’s why our doctors at Blue Stone Hills Dentistry recommend intervention as early as possible. With the help of a customized nightguard, patients can protect their smiles while they rest and minimize the ill effects of teeth grinding on their smiles and wellbeing. 

Dental Sealants

Cavities are a constant threat to your healthy smile, and they can often develop in the deep, hard-to-reach chewing grooves of your back teeth. Dental sealants are a simple method for protecting these areas, and our doctors typically recommend them for children who may still be learning how to brush and floss properly. Adults who struggle with teeth that are excessively susceptible to decay could also benefit from their placement. Sealants are painted over the surfaces of affected teeth, creating a “seal” that keeps out bacteria and stubborn food particles. The process is quick and comfortable, and with proper maintenance, sealants can last for 10 years or longer.

Digital X-Rays & Intraoral Cameras

dentist holding x-rayHere in Harrisonburg, we’re dedicated to providing our valued patients with the latest in dental technology in order to improve the accuracy and comfort of their care. Digital X-rays are a vital part of treatment, allowing us to create instant, detailed images of your smile and locate potential problems hiding under the surface, all without the need for darkroom development and hazardous chemicals. Digital X-rays can even be captured with significantly less radiation than their traditional counterparts, which makes them much safer as well.

Our doctors also utilize intraoral cameras, which are helpful in educating patients about problematic areas in their smiles and the effects of certain treatments.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Did you know that one person dies from oral cancer every hour on average? This condition is no laughing matter, and what’s worse is that so many cases go undiagnosed until they’ve already reached severe stages. Thankfully, our doctors have made oral cancer screenings a vital part of check-ups for patients from Elkton, VA and surrounding areas. Dr. Curtin and Dr. Janowski, will review your mouth with the help of intraoral cameras, taking note of any tell-tale signs that could point towards the presence of cancerous cells. In the event that we locate something concerning, further steps can be taken to arrange a biopsy and diagnosis. 

Fluoride Treatment

Most people drink water that contains fluoride every day without even realizing it. This natural mineral has been shown to have positive effects on a patient’s oral health over time, strengthening growing teeth and reducing the risk of cavities through the remineralization of enamel. If you or your children aren’t receiving enough exposure to fluoride in your daily routine, our doctors might recommend additional applications at our practice for healthier, happier smiles.

Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal disease (also known as gum disease) is one of the most common health problems on the planet, not to mention the leading cause of tooth loss. This infection often begins in a relatively harmless fashion, only to lead to destructive consequences down the road if treatment isn’t provided soon enough. At Blue Stone Hills Dentistry, our team will closely monitor your soft tissue for indications of periodontal disease, and we can provide an in-depth cleaning known as scaling and root planing, antibiotic therapy, and other effective methods for combating its presence.

Children’s Dentistry

We love seeing children at our Harrisonburg, VA practice! Our doctors are skilled at treating younger and older patients alike, and our approach is always kind and compassionate. When your little one arrives for their first visit, we’ll be sure to take things slowly, providing gentle check-ups and monitoring any potential developmental problems that could arise. As they grow older, we’ll integrate cleanings, dental sealants, fluoride treatment, and other services that are designed to protect and strengthen their teeth and help them on the road towards lifelong oral health.

Athletic Sportsguards

athletic sportsguardIf your or a family member regularly participates in sports where physical contact with other people or hard surfaces is a possibility, wearing an oral sportsguard is absolutely essential. Instead of grabbing a one-size-fits-all model at the store, a custom-fitted appliance from our team can provide quality protection, additional comfort, and the confidence athletes need to play their very best while keeping their smile safe.