Generally, people associate orthodontic treatment and straightening your teeth with the school age or teen years. It is true that the best time to correct misaligned teeth is at adolescence, but you can benefit from clear aligners at any age. Misaligned teeth can affect your oral health and confidence the longer your teeth remain crooked.

Here are 5 basic indicators you might need clear aligners:

1. Overcrowding

2. Gaps

3. Overbite

4. Crossbite

5. Open Bite


Overcrowding can make it hard to clean your teeth properly. It’s harder to floss between your teeth and brush around each tooth if they are overlapping each other.

Straightening your smile and achieving proper alignment is the goal of clear aligners. As a result, with proper alignment, issues such as gum disease and tooth decay are less likely to occur now that flossing and brushing can reach the entire surface of your teeth.


Large gaps between teeth can create significant issues with your oral health. Larger open spaces can hold food along the gum line. This buildup of food particles could cause gum disease, bad breath, and other oral health problems.

Gaps in your teeth can cause low self-confidence and self-esteem issues. Studies have shown your smile is the first characteristic someone sees when you first meet. Fortunately, closing gaps in your teeth is a treatable problem. This can improve a person's self-esteem which could significantly improve the life of an individual.


You may have an overbite if your bottom teeth can touch the roof of your mouth or gum line. Many overbites can cover up your bottom teeth, you should be able to see the base of your bottom teeth when you completely bite down.

If left untreated, an overbite can damage your gums and teeth over time. People may experience jaw pain, gum disease, speech problems, or even breathing problems depending on the severity. Although it’s easier to treat an overbite while the jaw is still growing, we can fix your bite at any age.


You may have a crossbite if your lower protrude in front of your front teeth. With a crossbite, you are more susceptible to fracturing or wearing on your teeth. Tartar buildup is also very common when crossbites occur. You will see a stark difference in your smile when your crossbite is corrected.


You may have an open bite if there's a sizable gap between your upper and lower teeth. Open bites can make it difficult to eat among other things. Tongue thrusting could be the cause of an open bite but this is something that can be corrected with proper care.


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