What to Consider for Dental Implant Crowns

If you plan to replace damaged or missing teeth, you have several options. One option that stands out from the rest is dental implant crowns. Implant crowns provide a natural-looking solution that can last over 30 years.

Implant crowns are artificial teeth that are fixed on your cheekbone or jaw. They have the durability and strength of your regular teeth, and once fitted, they connect to the bone through osseointegration. Here is everything you need to consider before getting dental implant crowns.

Who is a Candidate?

You need to have a strong and healthy gum line and jawbone to get dental implant crowns. Dental implants aren't a great solution for kids and people who might have experienced bone loss due to abscesses or suffer from problems like gingivitis.


Unlike most tooth replacement solutions like bridges or dentures, dental implants provide lasting benefits. Here are some benefits of this innovative treatment plan.

Cannot Tell the Difference from Real Teeth

Dental implant crowns are a permanent, natural-looking solution for missing teeth. They are designed to fuse with your bone, thus becoming permanent teeth replacement options. The implants can help restore your smile’s function and appearance. Therefore, you never get to feel self-conscious about eating, speaking and laughing in public.


With good care, implant crowns are designed to last for the rest of your life. This makes them an excellent solution for people who don’t want to frequently repair or replace their teeth. Implants allow you to enjoy a beautiful smile for a lifetime after damaging or losing your teeth.

To Consider

Before committing to dental implants, it is wise to stay informed about the process. Here are a few factors to consider for a dental implant treatment plan.


Dental implants require an oral surgery for placement. You should consider a reputable dentist who uses modern techniques to make the process minimally invasive. The dentist should also place you under nitrous and local anesthesia sedation.


Dental implants can cost from $800 to $6,000 per tooth. The costs will depend on the type of implant and the treatment location. Your dental insurance can cover part of the cost, and it's recommended to check before getting the implants. You should also consider the available payment plans your dentist has on offer.


Implant crowns restoration is a process that occurs once the implant posts and the jaw bone are fully healed. The process takes between four to six months, and it helps create a strong foundation for the implants. During the restoration, an abutment is placed on all the implant posts. You get a brief one to two weeks healing period and later return to the dentist for the crowns to be affixed onto the abutments. The dental implants procedure can take a total of one year to complete.

If you are looking for a great tooth replacement option, you should consider dental implants. They have helped thousands of people get their lifestyle and smile back on track. Here at Blue Stone Hills Dentistry we provide quality treatment to give you the smile you've always wanted. Schedule an appointment with us to learn more about whether you are a good candidate for the implants. You can also call us at (540) 433-3625 (click the number at the top of this page) to schedule an appointment.

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