What is the Difference Between Members of a Dental Team?

dental team

Our dental team at Blue Stone Hills Dentistry strives to keep your teeth healthy and your smile bright. Let's look at the members of our dental team and how they all work together to provide exceptional dental care to our patients.


A dental receptionist is the face of the dental office. These hardworking employees help schedule appointments, answer general questions, and more. In addition, they are usually in charge of running insurance information, rescheduling appointments, handling registration information, and billing patients. Without dental receptionists, the well-organized flow of a dental office would fall apart.

Thanks to receptionists' dedication to scheduling management and patient communication, patients can attend dental appointments without issue, and dentists have a balanced professional schedule. Be sure to thank your dental receptionist for all their hard work next time you visit the office!

Dental Assistant

Dental assistants are crucial to supporting and helping dentists and dental hygienists. If you’ve ever had x-rays taken at a dental office, you’ve met a dental assistant. These trained professionals act as a second set of trained hands for your dentist and talk with patients about dental health. They may prepare tools for your dental procedure, do a base examination of your teeth, and act as an assistant on more involved dental procedures like fillings and root canals. Dental assistants help alleviate some of the prep work for dentists, giving your dentist more time to spend with their patients.

Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists are most often associated with your routine dental cleaning, but they do much more. These dental team members help prevent dental disease by offering cleaning and other non-surgical dental treatments, like fluoride application and sealants. Dental hygienists are well-trained in all aspects of dental cleaning and care and can make recommendations to help keep your teeth happy and healthy long-term. Most patients at a dental office will see a dental hygienist more often than their dentist, as they take care of the routine procedures that help keep your mouth healthy.


Dentists have a lot on their plate. They are the main point of contact for every patient in the office and oversee all treatment plans, procedures, and more. They are responsible for diagnosing dental issues, creating a treatment schedule, and prescribing medications. They are involved in many dental processes, from creating dental molds, planning crowns and fillings, and treating more serious dental issues. Most dental visits end with a review by the dentist, but even if you don't see your dentist every time you're in the office, they are still working behind the scenes to ensure your dental care goes as planned. Each dentist at our practice works hard to coordinate every member of our dental care team while providing customized, individual treatment for each and every one of our patients.

If you’re looking for a dental team in the Harrisonburg, VA area, check out Blue Stone Hills Dentistry. You can call our office at (540) 433-3625 to make an appointment today. Be sure to visit our dental team soon to get a healthier, happier smile.

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