How to Fix Worn Down Teeth

If you suffer from worn-down teeth, don't worry; plenty of treatment options are available for you. Worn-down teeth can happen naturally over time or can be caused by things like teeth grinding (bruxism), acidic foods, or certain genetic conditions, to name a few. Thankfully, many treatment options are available to help make your smile look as good as new in no time flat. This article discusses what causes worn-down teeth and your treatment options.

What Causes Worn Down Teeth?

Your teeth can get worn down by several things. For example, grinding or clenching your teeth can damage the enamel over time. Other things that can increase your likelihood of grinding your teeth are stress and anxiety. Some antidepressants can also lead to teeth grinding, as can sleep apnea. Thankfully, these can all be managed at the source, and plenty of treatment options are available to reduce teeth grinding. However, once your teeth are worn down, you will need more advanced treatment to ensure your teeth stay healthy in the future.

Another thing that can wear down your teeth is acidic foods. If you drink a lot of coffee or are a fan of citrus fruits, these can all damage your teeth over time. The same can be said for sugary foods, which cause bacteria to go into a feeding frenzy and produce more acid. Other food-related conditions can contribute to your teeth wearing down, including acid reflux and any medical disease with frequent vomiting, as these can expose your teeth to higher-than-normal levels of acid.

Dental Bonding

One treatment option for worn down or chipped teeth is dental bonding. Your dentist can easily remove dental bonding, one of the perks of this worn teeth treatment. Dental bonding uses a composite resin material to fill in gaps and worn-down spots on your teeth. This bonding substance can be applied directly to your teeth with little prep work. First, your dentist will rough up the surface of your tooth to ensure the resin sticks properly; then, they will apply the resin and cure it with a UV light. After that, the tooth is shaped to look natural.


worn down teeth

Dental veneers are applied over your natural teeth and made from porcelain or resin composite, similar to dental crowns. For your dentist to apply veneers, your teeth will be shaved down to the correct shape. Then, specially made veneers are applied to the teeth. Depending on the severity of the dental wear, these veneers can be applied to a single tooth, or you can have your entire mouth covered in veneers. However, remember that dental veneers are a permanent solution and cannot be removed without replacement as your underlying tooth is altered to fit the veneer.


worn down molars

Dental crowns take some prep work but are a long-term replacement for worn-down molars and other teeth. With teeth grinding, your back teeth become worn down and are often pitted from rubbing against your top teeth. By applying a dental crown, you not only protect the surface of your teeth but also regain strength in your back teeth and combat dental sensitivity. Dental crown prep work includes shaving the underlying tooth and applying a full replacement crown. Dental crowns are a permanent solution like veneers, as the underly tooth is changed to fit the crown and cannot be used for chewing the same way as your natural teeth without the crown.

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