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Our Advanced Covid-19 Office Protocol

Steps We've Taken to Keep You and Your

Family Safe

At Blue Stone Hills Dentistry, the health of our patients and our staff comes first. Therefore, with the guidance of the CDC and Virginia Department of Health, we've implemented a number of precautions to limit the spread of COVID-19 and make every visit as safe as possible. If you have any questions about our protocol, we'd love to talk to you about it in detail. Just give our office a call!

Staff Training

All of the staff at our office have undergone comprehensive additional training in preventing disease spread and COVID-19 precautions to increase their awareness and understanding of the viral disease process. 

Employee Vaccinations

All of our staff are vaccinated. You can be assured that any provider you're seeing, including all dental assistants, hygienists, and doctors have are up-to-date on their COVID immunizations.

Increased Office Barriers

Plastic barriers at the front desk and between operatories prevent the spread of aerosols from one space to another.

Screening for Patients 

All patients are screened both on the phone and at the office for COVID-19 symptoms.

Patients are asked to wear masks in the office, answer a brief questionnaire before their appointment, have their temperature taken, and be required to use sanitizer on entering the office. 

Staff Screening


Every morning our staff are screened as well for COVID-19 using a questionnaire and with temperature checks.  

Social Distancing


We've scheduled appointments and arranged our waiting room so patient's can maintain 6 ft distance from other patients at all times and only interact with the clinical staff at their appointment.  

HEPA Filtration


Every operatory has been outfitted with an ultra-high power HEPA filtration machine that will work throughout the day to clean and recirculate the air. 

Safe Front Desk Interactions


Our reception staff will also be wearing masks and using hospital grade cleaners and hand sanitizers to keep our check-in/check-out procedures as safe as possible.

Office Daily Deep Cleaning


In addition to our usual operatory clean following every patient visit, the reception area and operatories are also sanitized using a hospital-grade hypochlorous acid solution that's both eco-friendly and highly effective in eradicating viral particles. 


KN95 Masks and Increased PPE


In addition to wearing high level hospital grade KN95 masks our staff are outfitted in the most comprehensive and protective PPE including gowns, gloves, face shields, and protective eye wear in addition to gloves. 


Advanced Instrument Sanitization

As always, our office observes a strict instrument ultrasonic and pressurized steam sterilization of all dental instruments to prevent the spread of disease. 

Hand-Washing & Sanitizing

Both are staff and patients are encouraged to utilize hospital-grade sanitizer and hand-washing stations throughout the day.


Even with the continuing risk of COVID-19, we take pride in the precautions we've implemented. We're confident in welcoming both new and returning patients to our office. If you have any questions about our protocol, just ask!

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