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Why Do All Our Patients Still Need To Wear Mask?

Image by Kobby Mendez

We have had some patients question why it's necessary for them to wear a mask, particularly if they've been vaccinated.  As health professionals who had to wear the extra gear during the height of the pandemic, believe me we get it.  No one loves wearing a mask period.  And everyday when our staff come to work, donning a tight-fitting KN95 definitely gets old real fast.

However, we continue to request patients wear masks in public areas of our office and we certainly wear masks when treating you, not because we love inconveniencing anyone, but because the fact is the pandemic is not over.

A dentist's office is different from a grocery store, movie theater, or restaurant.  Dental procedures essentially take people's spit, respirations, and possible pathogens, micronize them, and throw them into the air.  We do everything we can to minimize this but it happens everyday by the nature of the work we do.  And given what little is understood about transmission of the delta variant of COVID, the risk of transmission is there for anyone, even if they've been vaccinated.

Not everyone who walks through our doors is vaccinated, including many children, pregnant women, and people with complicated health histories.  It is my job, as the owner of this healthcare establishment, to ensure that everyone, including unvaccinated people, are safe when they seek care at our office.  And while wearing a mask might be a little inconvenient, we think it's a small request to make of our patients to continue the impressive track record we've had in not transmitting COVID.   Although many of our patients may not hear of COVID cases and related deaths, we in healthcare field keep our ears close to the ground and believe me they're still happening.  

The health of our patients and staff is far too important to compromise on a safety issue we feel so strongly about.  And besides, once our patients are safely in the operatory, they are more than welcome to remove their masks.  It'd be close to impossible to do their dental work otherwise!

Very sincerely and with gratitude, 

Dr. Sarah Janowski & Dr. David Curtin

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